Studios Anastasia


στην Κασσάνδρα μπορείτε να βρείτε ένα κορίτσι,
βασίζεται στη Σιθωνία σε μια οικογένεια,
στον Αθω βρίσκει την τελική ηρεμίας.
On Kassandra you find a girl,
on Sithonia you found a family,
on Athos you get buried.

STUDIOS ANASTASIA is located in Paradisos, a suburb of Neos Marmaras, on the Sithonia peninsula.

Sithonia, the 'middle finger' of Chalkidiki, offers a diversified mix of opportunities for sportive activities as well as for recreation on one of its various beaches. The crystal clear water invites you to snorkeling or scuba diving, not only because Chalkidiki is - derived from the Greek mythology - often compared to Poseidon's trident.


STUDIOS ANASTASIA is the perfect starting point for hiking tours into the nearby mountains, e.g. to the picturesque mountain village Parthenonas which offers a breathtaking view on Neos Marmaras and the Toronean Sea.

So Sithonia is offering a rich variety of opportunities. Let it spoil yourself far away from mass tourism.